with Paulina Herpel

SUP Wave & Yoga Retreat

Stand Up Paddling and Yoga definitely is a great combination!


Learn how to ride the waves with the multiple German Wave SUP Champ Paulina Herpel and enjoy invigorating regenerating Yoga classes with coach Janina Guse before and after!


No matter if it's your first wave or your first successful turn. Paulina will accompany you on your way into the wave and prepare you for every single step. Her goal is to bring you closer to her own passion for Stand Up Paddling in waves and to let you share in the unique feeling of happiness after paddling a standing wave. Nothing brings you into the here and now like riding a wave on your SUP board. Your balance is challenged, your whole body has to work together but you are way too busy with nature to notice.


Date: 18.06. - 25.06.22

Location: Voruper/Cold Hawaii






Jani's Yoga Classes & Movement Workshops are a space for you to explore your own needs and get in touch with yourself. In yoga classes we learn to move intuitively again and to strengthen the body from the inside out, so that we feel holistically healthy and well. We will find food for thought for your yoga practice away from the mat, allowing you to push your personal boundaries further and further. You can expect a mix of meditation, mindfulness practices, pranayama and creative flows that allow you to feel your body. Your invitation to pause, feel and grow through movement, silent touch and community.




The name says it all: perfect waves, more rainbows than you can count, and fishing boats on the beach instead of palm trees. Welcome to the west coast of Denmark. An area of almost 50 kilometers of coastline from Agger in the south to the harbor town of Hanstholm in the north has earned the name Cold Hawaii in recent years. The result is a unique blend of casual surfing and rugged Nordic culture in the middle of the wild nature of Denmark's first national park. Paulina's second home since she could walk.