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18. Jul 2014

Team Webisode From Brazil To Abu Dhabi

Team Webisode From Brazil To Abu Dhabi

Meet Team Fanatic: watch this glimpse of life on the road with current World Series Ratings leader Angie Jackson, husband and World Series Contender ‘Jacko’, leading race talent Jake Jensen and rising Surf star Kai Bates as they journey from Brazil to Abu Dhabi for the first 2 Grand Slams of the 2014 Season: Team Fanatic hit Brazil and Abu Dhabi with the World Tour & Series!

And make sure to watch Jake Jensen in action this weekend at Stop 3 of the Stand Up World Series, as the joins team mates Olivia Piana, Arthur Arutkin and Kai-Nicolas Steimer and many more for one of the most dramatic battles of the year!

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