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Andy Laufer

Andy Laufer



Date of Birth:





Slalom, Speed, Wave

Board Setup:

Falcon, Falcon Speed, TriWave


188 cm


100 kg

Team Fanatic since:


Move you’re most proud of:

Becoming father, Aerials

Worst wipeout:

Ho’okipa 2003 Wave Worldcup in double masthigh waves

Number one on your bucket list:

Windsurfing in Pe’ahi / Jaws

Soundtrack of your life:

1. New Order “Blue Monday” (80s)
2. The Aztec Mystic “Knights of the Jaguar” (late 90s)
3. Muse “Time is running out” (2003)

I love... family

I hate...


When I go partying...

...I go full speed

As a superhero I would...

...rescue the world

For the perfect Windsurfing day there has to be...

...sunny, warm and at least 2m waves and 20 knots of wind

What stokes me most... coming home to my family

I really want to meet...

...Angela Merkel

Bobsledding is...

...totally overrated

Windsurfing is...

...totally underrated

Windsurfing for me is like...

...a drug

I want the world to know...

...that there is not only one god.

If you could choose to live on a different planet, which one would you choose?

On or in a black hole

If you could be an animal, what would it be?

A common tern

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Best results

  • 2016

    1st Bavarian “Speed-Kini”

  • 2000 - 2012

    Multiple 1st places in the german tour DWC: Norderney, Sylt, Büsum, Fehmarn, Warnemünde, Föhr, Emden, Heidkate, …

  • 2003

    17th Double Elimination PWA Wave Maui Ho’okipa

  • 1999

    12th PWA Wordtour Overall

  • 1998

    8th Jump Final PBA Indoor Tour Berlin

    8th Jump Final PBA Indoor Tour Frankfurt

  • 1997

    9th PBA Worldcup Tenerife

  • 1996

    9th PBA Worldcup Sylt

  • 1995

    5th PBA Wave Worldcup Guincho

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