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Arthur Arutkin

Arthur Arutkin

Date of Birth:



Wissant, France


Race and Wave

Board Setup:

Falcon Carbon , Strike & ProWave


Arthur Arutkin grew up alongside his sister and Fanatic team rider Alice in the windsurf village Wissant in the north of France. His dad introduced him into Windsurfing with the age of 8 years and his passion for watersports kicked off from that day. By the age of 15 Arthur was european youth champion in the Slalom discipline, but then took his skills into the waves and entered the international stage of the PWA World Tour. When it wasn’t windy, he’d paddle out on the SUP and soon entered competitions in the Standup World Series aswell. In 2015 he finished 4th in the Standup World Series of the waterman league. Arthur is an international Teamrider for both, Windsurfing and SUP for Fanatic.


186 cm


81 kg

Team Fanatic since...


Competition ranking you’re most proud of:

4th Overall Standup World Series

Your favourite contest and why:

The battle of the paddle because it’s the biggest event and California is beautiful!

Your favourite SUP adventure:

A wave trip to Fuerteventura with one of my best friends

Number one on your bucket list:

Too many things to choose one

Soundtrack of your life:

1. My way (Franck Sinatra)
2. La mer (Charles Trenet)
3. 9th symphony of Beethoven

I love... learn new things and push myself as far as possible.

As a superhero I would... to be Flash.

If you could be an animal, what would it be?

A rabbit to eat grass peacefully.

If you could be a character from a movie, who would you be?

The main character of "Limitless"

Which is your favorite Racing board and why?

I’m loving the Falcon 12’6“ x 24.75. I use it in almost any kind of conditions, because it’s stable, it’s super fast even without much waves and going downwind it just excels. If it’s glassy and longer distance, i like the speed of the Strike 14’0 x 24.75, but once there is some chop and a few competitors around me, i like the extra stability of the Falcon to just push harder.

What fin are you riding and where do you place it?

I quite like the Fanatic production fin, but for competition i’ve signed up with Select and i use their Keel fin in Medium. I use it all the way forward, as it loosens up the board in downwinders, so you can steer easier and connect the bumps.

Watch Arthur and his team mates ride some maui lines on the ProWave

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Best results

  • 2018

    3rd SUP EuroTour Mercedes-Benz World Cup Scharbeutz

    9th SUP EuroTour Iberdrola Bilbao World Cup

    3rd SUP EuroTour San Sebastian

    1st SUP EuroTour Battle of the Coast

    4th SUP EuroTour Vendee Gliss

    4th SUP EuroTour Namur

  • 2016

    2nd Paris SUP Crossing

    3rd ISA World Championship Fiji, Technical Race

    3rd ISA World Championship, Long Distance

    5th Stand Up World Series Overall

    1st Champion France Hossegor, Technical Race

    1st Oxbow EuroSUP Lacanau, Massstart Pro

    2nd Oxbow EuroSUP Lacanau, Technical Racing

    2nd Oxbow EuroSUP Lacanau, Long Distance

    5th SUP World Series Scharbeutz, Sprint

    3rd SUP World Series Scharbeutz, Long Distance

    1st  Guyader Grand Prix, Coupe de France, 14km Long Distance

    7th SUP World Series, Victoria Cup Japan, Long Distance

    5th SUP World Series, Victoria Cup Japan, Sprint

    8th Fastes Paddler on Earth, Men

    9th Bilbao World SUP Challenge




  • 2015

    3rd Paris Crossing

    4th Overall Standup World Series

    1st Pesqu’ile Paddle Beachrace Crozon

    4th Standup World Series Japan

    3rd Barcelona Standup World Series

    4th Bilbao World SUP Challenge

    4th Long Distance Lost Mills International SUP Race

    4th Beach Race St. Maxime

    5th Long Distance St. Maxime

  • 2014

    French Long Distance Champion

    2nd Stand Up World Tour La Torche, 18km City Race

    8th Stand Up World Series Turtle Bay, Long Distance

    7th Standup World Series Huntington Beach Pro Grandslam Overall

    1st Etretat SUP Race, France – Beach Race

    2nd Etretat SUP Race, France – Long Distance

  • 2013

    French Champion under 18, Beach Race

    French Champion under 18, Downwind

    Vice Champion of France, Beach Race Senior

    Vice Champion of France, Downwind Senior

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