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Emilio Galindo

Emilio Galindo



Date of Birth:



Sancti Petri, Cádiz, Spain


Waves, Freestyle & Slalom

Board Setup:

Quad 82, Skate 101, Falcon 100 & 130

Move you’re most proud of:

Maybe a big one hand aerial off the lip...

Worst wipeout:

Getting smashed in a big Hookipa day and then going to the rocks… Ending with stiches on the face and feet!

Number one on your bucket list:

Going back to Maui to continue developing my skills.

Soundtrack of your life:

1. Mike Oldfield - Tubullar Bells part 1
2. Yes - Close to the Edge
3. Beardfish - And the stone said: “If I could speak…”

When I go partying….

... I always drive! (I don't drink!)

Windsurfing for me is like…

... a world of technical fun that never ends.

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

Teletransportation, always in the right spot at the right time. Impossible to beat.

If you could be a character from a movie, who would you be?

The Xenomorph on Alien the 8th passenger.

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Best results

  • 2013

    Spanish Wave Champion 2013

    2nd Overall Spanish Windsurfing Tour 2013

  • 2012

    Spanish Freestyle Champion

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