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Gina Weber

Gina Weber

Date of Birth:





SUP Yoga

Board Setup:

Fly Air Fit

Competition ranking you’re most proud of:

As a yogi i am not into competition :) I am proud if my Yogis are relaxed and smiling after my classes on the water :)

Your favourite contest and why:

Sorry, there is no contest in Yoga ;) But there are great Yogafestivals where you can try SUP Yoga lessons. Like Wanderlust GAP, MunichYogaConference, Bodensee Yogafestival and some more.

Your favourite SUP adventure:

Every class is a new adventure. But much fun are couples which try to save themselves from falling into the water with a jump on the board of their partner's. The result in 90%: both end up in the water ;)

Number one on your bucket list:

SUP Yoga in a very clear ocean - like on Aruba

Soundtrack of your life

1. Take it easy - Hopeton Lewis
2. Wake me - Message to bears
3. Well I Say... - Trevor Hall

I love …

... to paddle out with my SUP. The moment when the nature starts to cover me in silence and peace :) When I smell the water, the SUP, the suncream - and feel like on vacation at home :)

What other people think about you...

…is totally overrated.

SUP for me is like…

... being free :)

I want the world to know that…

... love and SUP is the answer ;)

If you could be an animal, what would it be?

No question: Henry (my dog who is my SUP-Partner from time to time :))

If you could choose to live on a different planet, which one would you choose?

- Actually I really like our planet... with the water, the mountains, the woods and and and. And I hope that we can manage to stay in balance like it should and to learn to with again with the natur and not against it :)

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