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Helle Oppendal

Helle Oppendal



Date of Birth:



Solastranden / Norway


Slalom & Foil

Board Setup:

Falcon TE & Falcon Foil

Move you are most proud of:

Foil Jibe

Worst Wipeout:

When me and my dad went for a shore break practice with my BIC techno gear. I broke one mast and two sails.

What my friends say about me:

That I am determent.

Number one on your bucket list:

To be the best female windfoiler in the world.

Soundtrack of your life:

1. All the way up – Fat Jo and Remy ma (Always prepping me for my competitions)
2. Survivor – Beyoncé (Always motivate me not to give up)
3. Pumped up kicks – Foster the people (Always in the background during my surf trips)

I love…

... sailing through the finish line after a good race.

I dislike ...

... waiting for the wind.

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

I would have the power to make all the pollution in the sea go away, I get sad and angry when I see garbage in the sea while windsurfing.

If you could choose to live on a different planet, which one would you choose?

I would live on a planet where there is no suppression of gender, men and women should be equal no matter what!

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Best results

  • 2019

    5th PWA Japan, Foil

    5th PWA Korea, Foil

  • 2018

    16th Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires, BIC Techno

    1st Nationals in Norway, Slalom Women

    3rd European Championship in Poland, Foil Women

  • 2017

    1st Norwegian Cup, RS:X

    7th World Championship, BIC Techno u17

    1st Nationals in Norway, BIC Techno girls u17

  • 2016

    4th European Championship, BIC Techno girls u19

    25th PWA Hvide Sande, Slalom

  • 2015

    8th European Championship, BIC Techno girls u15

    11th World Championships, BIC Techno girls u15

    1st Nationals, BIC techno boys and girls u15

  • 2014

    3rd Norwegian Cup, BIC Techno girls and boys u15

  • 2013

    9th European Championship in Israel, BIC Techno girls u15

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