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Joel Ryan

Joel Ryan



Date of Birth:






Board Setup:

Quad TE

Move you’re most proud of:

Tweaked Pushloop

Worst wipeout:

A flat landed forward, broken leg and dislocated ankle. Ended up with 10 screws and two plates to put it back together!

Number one on your bucket list:

Doing a Double Forward

Soundtrack of your life:

1. Pixies – Where is my mind
2. Weezer – Say it ain’t so
3. Creedence Clear Water Revival – Fortunate Son

…is totally overrated.

Breaking masts...

…is totally underrated.

Breaking your mates masts...

If you were a hotdog and you were starving, would you eat yourself?

Only if I also had cheese and sauce, in that case then yes for sure!

If you could be another person for a day, who would you be?

Victor Fernandez, and I’ll steal all his moves!!!

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Best results

  • 2013

    1st Overall Victorian Wave Sailing Series 2012/13

  • 2012

    4th Overall Australian Wave Sailing Championships 2012

  • 2011

    1st Round 3 Victorian Wave Sailing Series 2011

  • 2010

    9th Australian Wave Nationals 2010

    1st Jumping Contest Wave Nationals 2010

  • 2007 / 2009

    3rd Australian Wave Titles 2009

    2nd Victorian Wave Titles R1 2009

    1st Breakwater to Beacon 2007

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