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Kai Bates

Kai Bates

Date of Birth:



Mollymook on the south/east coast of Australia


SUP, Windsurfing, Surfing

Board Setup:

ProWave LTD


At only 20 years the young Australian is already well positioned in the International SUPsurfing competition scene. With clear objectives in his mind, Kai is training hard and glances with a very aggressive outstanding paddling style. But he´s also a great Soulsurfer, trying to spend any free time with good friends on the water at home in Mollymook or anywhere else on the planet. A great character, always up for fun and crazy stuff!

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Competition ranking you’re most proud of:

5th Stand Up World Tour La Tourche France

Your favourite contest and why:

My most memorable contest was again 2013- La Tourche France; I had some big heat wins as well as some really challenging conditions on the last day of the contest. The swell had risen up and the wind was 25knots offshore also with a lot of fog. I remember looking out to stacked sets on the horizon and being pretty concerned as I headed over a few of them it was definitely one of the best events I have been to though.

Your favourite SUP adventure:

Lakey peak, Indonesia. This trip brings back great memories, from the lengthy travel to Lakey to sharing some great times in unreal conditions with my Dad, Forrest Ladkin and his little brother Taj, the trip being focused entirely on stand up paddle and surfing...

Number one on your bucket list:

Go to the Philippines - I have seen too much of Kyron Rathbone there, the waves look amazing. I cant wait to get the opportunity to go.

Soundtrack of your life:

1. Flight of the concords - The humans are dead (Went into some robotic theme for a week with Kyron still cant snap out of it)
2. The Dead weather - Open up (that’s enough) (Gets you opened up)
3. Alt J - Hunger of the Pine (A new song for me but gets me pumped before any trip, comp whatever really)

When I go partying…

...I like to rev it up a little and have juice instead of water.

As a superhero I would…

...destroy waves and fight petty thugs.

If you could be an animal, what would it be?

A dolphin or an eagle. These two animals have the best understanding of the ocean and the sky.

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

Being able to skip from place to place if you can think of the area you want to go you can go there human teleporting. I guess I would save some money on flights and everyday I would be able to be at the best spots.

What size ProWave do you ride most?

I'm mainly riding the 7'6". You can really lean into the turns and with the board being so small it just feels just like surfing.

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Best results

  • 2017

    Open mens Australian SUP surfing Champion

    Noosa open of surfing SUP surfing open men’s second place

    5th Surfing WA rottenest Island classic open men’s

    9th ISA world titles (SUP surfing) 1st as a team

  • 2016

    Open Mens Australian Champion

    Surfing WA rottenest Island classic open men’s Champion

    Noosa open of surfing SUP surfing open men’s Champion

  • 2015

    Noosa open of surfing SUP surfing open men’s Champion

    3rd Open men’s Australian Championships

    9th SUWT Huntington Beach

    15th Overall Stand Up World Tour

  • 2014

    15th SUWT Overall 2014

    1st Merimbula Classic Open SUP 2014

    3rd Toyota Australian SUP Wave Titles 2014

    4th  BOP Surfing Australia SUP Nationals 2014

    3rd Ultimate SUP Showdown Hawaii Surfing 2014

    1st NSW Open Men’s Champion 2014

    2nd Open Men’s Technical Sprint Race NSW Titles 2014

    9th  World Championship Brazil 2014

  • 2013

    5th World championship, France (Stand up world tour)

    1st Merimbula classic open men’s

    NSW titles, Junior SUP surfing champion

    Highest heat total in Trials SUWT Brazil

    2nd Sydney Paddle Board Club Championships

  • 2012

    3rd Open Men’s SUP Surfing Merimbula Classic

    Surfing NSW Australian Championships

    NSW representative

    SUP Surfing Open Mens Quarter Finals

    Downwinder Open Mens

    BOP Race Open Mens

    Snowy McAlister Surf Festival

    3rd SUP Surfing Open Mens

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