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Lucía Liencres

Lucía Liencres

Date of Birth:



between Tarifa and Madrid


SUP Yoga

Your favourite SUP adventure:


Soundtrack of your life:

1. Feel Heaven DJ Drez

2. Man o to

3. Nouvole Bianche

(I have a lot but maybe these ones are the most
I listen nowadays hahaha)

I love...

... yoga, the sea, mother earth, party, people,
sports, travel …

When I go partying...

... I dance like I if it were
the last day in my life ;)

For the perfect SUP day there has to be:

warm weather, friends, good music, nice spot finishing with a mojito

What stokes me most:

is to have the power to practice asthanga yoga every day (I don´t achieve it every day)

SUP for me is like:

Be in balance with my life.

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