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Marco Lang

Marco Lang



Date of Birth:



Lake Neusiedl/Austria



Board Set-up:

Falcon TE


Marco Lang was born and raised in Linz, the regional capital of upper Austria in the north of Austria. His grandfather already taught him Windsurfing when he was a little kid, since then windsurfing was the biggest passion for him. Before 2011, Windsurfing was only a hobby besides his work, but then Marco started his professional windsurfing career and pushed his level further and further. Now he frequently shows up with top results at the PWA World Tour and other national and international competitions!


183 cm


91 kg

Team Fanatic since...


Move you’re most proud of:

Race Jibe

Worst wipeout:

Hitting a turtle on Maui...

Number one on your bucket list:

Riding the perfect wave together with Chris Sammer!!! Haha!

Soundtrack of your life:

1. Milky Chance - Stolen Dance
2. Goldfish
3. Rudimental - Waiting all Night

For the perfect Windsurfing day there has to be...

...all my friends on the water with me!

I’m only waiting for...

...the perfect wave!

If you were a hotdog and you were starving, would you eat yourself?

For sure If I am hungry I eat everything!

If you could have only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

For sure Wiener Schnitzel!

What’s your favorite Falcon size and why?

I like each size of the Falcon series, but my favorite board size is the 114, because the medium is the board what i use the most of the time and the big range, i can use that board with my 8,4 , 7,7 and 7,0!

Any tuning tips for the position of mast base and foot straps?

I am using most of the time the same foot strap position, second hole from the back!
With the mast base i play just a little bit with the position, if its getting really choppy then i move the base a little bit to the front and if its flat more to the back, but always just a bit!


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Best results

  • 2018

    17th PWA World Cup Slalom Viana

    15th PWA World Cup Slalom Costa Brava

    17th PWA World Cup Slalom Japan

  • 2017

    7th PWA Slalom Overall

    4th PWA World Cup Noumea

    1st PWA World Cup Sylt

    9th PWA World Cup Catalunya

  • 2016

    19th PWA Slalom Overall

    10th PWA World Cup Hvide Sande

    7th PWA World Cup Sylt

  • 2015

    17th PWA Slalom Overall

    Austrian Slalom Champion

    9th PWA World Cup South Korea

    18th PWA World Cup Costa Brava

    18th PWA World Cup Turkey

    16th PWA Super Grand Slam Sylt


  • 2014

    1st Pannonia Windsurf Cup, first tour stop

  • 2013

    Austrian Slalom Champion

    14th World Championship

    1st Maui Race Series

  • 2010

    2nd ISUZU Windsurf ÖM SLALOM

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