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Pierre Mortefon

Pierre Mortefon



Date of Birth:



Port la Nouvelle/France



Board Setup:

Falcon TE


Born in the south of France between Leucate and Gruissan, Pierre grew up in the wind, in the strong wind… With around 5-6 years he began sailing, first in a boat at the local sailing club, but the strong winds made him try windsurfing and from that moment it was hard to get him off the board. Often the coach of the sailing club had to take him out of the water for lunch and to rest a little bit. Pierre always liked the competition, so he quickly took part at all the local races and the national youth events. His first Slalom World Cup was in Costa Brava in 2007 and he finished in the top 15 straight away… In 2011 he did his first full year on the PWA Tour, improving his ranking year by year, finishing with his first overall Podium in 2014. In 2015 Pierre was one of the standout sailors of the season, winning the legendary DEFI WIND, the PWA Worldcup in Turkey and sitting currently in 3rd place, still with a chance to catch his first world title on the last event in New Caledonia.


187 cm


92 kg

Team Fanatic since...


Move you’re most proud of:

A perfect Race Jibe in front of the World Cup pack …

Worst wipeout:

Big catapult in more than 40kts on the nice chop of Fuerteventura.

Number one on your bucket list:

To be World Champ one day!

Soundtrack of your life:

1. Etienne de Crécy - Funk …. I had this song in the my head when i win the DEFI WIND ! you need to have something blasting in your head to be 150% during a 40km run

2. Hans Zimmer - Gladiator theme ….. I really like all the music and song this compositor made for so much good films - perfect to relax

3. NASA - Gifted . I use this song for a nice video of strong wind slalom ! perfect to enter super motivated on the water

I love... be back home after a nice windsurf trip and eat perfect french beef with some cheese and nice glass of red french wine.

As a superhero I would...

...control the elements to choose the conditions I want when I need it.

If you could be an animal, what would it be?

I would like to be an elephant to be sure to not open my sail when the gust come!

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

If I can choose a superpower, for sure I'd directly choose « teleportation » to travel all around the world with all my bags easily!

What's the Falcon Sizes you ride and which are the sail sizes you use on each of them?

For the World Cup i use the Falcon 99 / 111 / 138 . The Small one works with 5.2 / 6.3 / 7.0 , the medium with 7.0 / 7.7 / 8.4 and the big one with my 8.4 and my incredible 9.0

Which fins do you use?

I use different style of fins as our board accept most of them, from 32 to 35 on the 99 / 36 to 40 on the 111 / 44 to 47 on the 138

Do you have any trim tips for Flatwater and for more choppy conditions?

Concerning the board, i don’t really adjust my tuning. I just move my my mast foot slightly forward when it begins to be super choppy and sometimes i move my front footstrap a little bit forward aswell. The boards are pretty efficient in most of the conditions so when i find the right tuning it’s almost ok for all the conditions.

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Best results

  • 2018

    3rd PWA Slalom Overall

    1st PWA World Cup Slalom Sylt

    3rd PWA World Cup Slalom Viana

    11th PWA World Cup Slalom Costa Brava

    18th PWA World Cup Foil Costa Brava

    3rd PWA World Cup Slalom Korea

    6th PWA World Cup Foil  Korea

    3rd PWA World Cup Slalom Japan

  • 2017

    3rd Overall PWA Slalom

    4th PWA World Cup Fuerteventura

    2nd PWA World Cup Costa Brava

    5th PWA World Cup Hvide Sande

    8th PWA World Cup Sylt / Foil

  • 2016

    PWA Slalom Vice World Champ 2016!

    9th PWA World Cup Sylt, Germany

    4th PWA World Cup Ulsan, Korea

    1st PWA World Cup Costa Brava

    3rd PWA World Cup Fuerteventura

    2nd PWA World Cup Hvide Sande, DK


  • 2015

    PWA Slalom Vice World Champion 2015!

    1st PWA World Cup Alacati 2015

    4th PWA Grand Slam Fuerteventura 2015

    4th PWA Costa Brava 2015

    1st Defi Wind Gruissan 2015

    2nd PWA World Cup Ulsan 2015

    1st PWA Noumea 2015

  • 2014

    3rd PWA World Cup Slalom Overall 2014

    8th PWA Airwaves Noumea Dream Cup 2014

    French Slalom Champion 2014

    4th PWA Slalom World Cup Sylt

    6th PWA Slalom World Cup Alacati, 2014

    4th PWA Slalom World Cup Fuerteventura, 2014

    1st PWA Slalom World Cup Turkmenistan 2014

    3rd PWA Slalom World Cup Costa Brava

  • 2013

    3rd AFF France Overall 2013

    2nd AFF France La Torche 2013

    12th PWA Sylt Slalom Men Overall 2013

    21st PWA Sylt Slalom Men 2013

  • 2012

    21th PWA Slalom Sylt Germany 2012

    20th PWA Slalom Pegasus Airlines World Cup Alacati Turkey 2012

    9th PWA Slalom Sotavento Fuerteventura 2012

    11th PWA Slalom Catalunya Costa Brava Spain 2012

    14th PWA Slalom Ulsan World Cup Korea 2012

    28th PWA Slalom Reggio Calabria 2012

  • 2011

    2nd French Slalom Championships 2011

    15th PWA Slalom Overall 2011

    4th PWA Slalom Ulsan/Korea 2011

    11th PWA Slalom Costa Brava 2011

  • 2010

    1st Defi Wind Slalom Race France

    PWA Slalom Youth Champion

  • 2009

    Winner of the French Final Tour

    3rd Overall French Champ

    18th PWA Turkey

    20th PWA Costa Brava

    19th PWA Sylt

  • 2008

    3rd Youth Slalom World Champ

    3rd Youth Formula World Champ

    14th PWA Costa Brava

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