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Sarah Hébert

Sarah Hébert

Date of Birth:



Côte Blanche/Noumea & St Barbe/South Brittany


Wave & Slalom

Board Setup:

Grip TE & Falcon TE


Sarah has been travelling around the world with her parents for 11 years. She's not only a very skilled racer, she's also an adventurer and famous for her attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a Windsurfer. Now she is living in France, in Brittany, where she's studying to be a school teacher. She is a specialist in Formula, but she is also doing very well in Slalom and loves to sail in Waves.


167 cm


60 kg

Team Fanatic since...


Move you’re most proud of:

Any Backloop that I manage to land!

Worst wipeout:

A mega crash during my Atlantic crossing, that was crazy, alone on my board with only sea around me.

Number one on your bucket list:

Living my around the world boat life

Soundtrack of your life:

1. Daft Punk - Lose yourself to dance
2. The Rapture - Sail away
3. Selah Sue - Raggamuffin

I hate…

...when someone has closed the windguru windows on my computer

Windsurfing for me is like…

...swimming naked in a warm chocolate river

If you were candy, what candy would you be?

A love apple

If you could be a character from a movie, who would you be?

Ariel, the little mermaid

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Natasha Gonzales

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Best results

  • 2015

    Getting prepared for an around the world sailing trip to discover windsurf spots

  • 2014

    Organized Girls Clinics

  • 2013

    Stand Up Paddle Amazon Expedition with WIND SUP gear

    Editing of the book: « With heart anything is possible »

  • 2012

    Windsurf Atlantic Crossing

  • 2011

    Atlantic crossing preparation

  • 2010

    4th overall slalom ranking PWA

  • 2009

    3rd overall slalom ranking PWA

  • 2008

    3rd overall slalom ranking PWA

  • 2007

    Vice World champion FW

    3rd overall slalom ranking PWA

  • 2006

    European champion FW

  • 2000 - 2005

    Multiple times French Champion Slalom/FW

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