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Shawna Cropas

Shawna Cropas

Date of Birth:






Board Set-up:

Grip TE

Move you’re most proud of:

Enjoying all the moves and a body in motion

Worst wipeout:

Push loop - landed hard and broke my hand

Number one on your bucket list:

Easter Ilsands coming up this summer via trips to Tahiti - bucket list happening!!!

Soundtrack of your life

1. Wish You Where Here / Pink Floyd
2. Super Freak / Rick James
3. Do your thing / Isaac Hayes

I love...

... deeply experiencing a moment

I hate ...

... non expansive minds

For the perfect windsurf day there has to be...

... Joy, laughter, good banter with friends and other sailors, waves and light cross of winds. Fluffy clouds, mermaids, rainbows, unicorns and breaching whales.

What stokes me most...

Helping people to achieve their windsurfing goals and succeed.


... for me is inner peace, flow, in the moment. Alive!

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