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05. Apr 2016

TIDAL BORE – Kai Bates in Papua New Guinea

TIDAL BORE – Kai Bates in Papua New Guinea

Watch Kai Bates ripping the river Digul in West Papua New Guinea. An excitement and exploration including a two day plane trip, eight hour car rides and long boat journeys. But all this with very cool riders and crew – a true memory of a lifetime!

Kai “This trip to Papua was something super memorable. A place of such beauty, and contrast to my home and most places I visit. I felt I wasn’t only there to surf a wave but also check out the different people and culture. Thanks to Fanatic SUP for allowing me to go, and Forrest Ladkin for getting the clip together.”

Special Thanx to Forrest Ladkin for the edit, pics courtesy of Laurent Masurel.

Watch here!


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