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14. Dec 2017

Tom Auber joins the International SUP Team

Tom Auber joins the International SUP Team

We are happy to announce that Tom Auber from Team Fanatic SUP France will join the International SUP Team from January onwards! Tom has proven his skills during the last year (he just finished 4th in the Paris SUP Crossing) and showed us that he has the potential for something bigger! With Tom we have another young and motivated waterman in the team – looking forward to watch him go in 2018!

Erwan Bordier, Fanatic France: “Tom is one of these windsurfers who found his strength in Stand UP Paddling,  which is allowing him to express himself at high level with tenacity and humility. He is probably one of the best in his age category (18) out there right now. Tom started his carreer in Le Havre in the Normandy and Stan Sobzic, boss of the shop Sport Max figured out pretty fast that this small discreet young person has a lot of talent. That´s why Fanatic France decided to support him  since a few years already. In 2017 he has showed us excellent results on international level as well. I am very happy and proud to see him stepping up to the next level by entering the International Fanatic SUP Team. Bravo Tom!”

Tom Auber: “I am super stoked to join the International SUP Team for the next season! I have been practicing SUP racing on a Fanatic board since my first strokes and also did my first competitions with Fanatic. And now – thanks to Erwan, Craig and all the Fanatic crew. I am going to take part at the biggest international races in order to represent the brand, so let’s train harder, get stronger in order to put the Fanatic logo on top of the podiums!”

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