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27. Jan 2014

Well done Paul Jackson @ New Zealand Champs

Well done Paul Jackson @ New Zealand Champs

Paul Jackson has competed @ the New Zealand Champs last weekend winning the BOP Race 12´6 and finishing 2nd in the 12´6 Long Distance Race! Here Fanatic’s Marcus Hansen came in 1st! Well done there! Also in the Technical Race 14’0 Fanatic’s Troy Huston came in 2nd and Josh Nixon got 3rd. Stacey Smith made it to 4th place in the Technical Race 12’6.

Jacko after the event: “The conditions were pretty tough, so I´m really happy to finish 1st and 2nd. I was really surprised how good the competition level is in New Zealand. Thxs a lot to the whole NZ crew for putting on a great event. I got to meet a really fun bunch of people and attend a very well run event. Also big thxs to Fanatic for making a board that just makes doing these events that much nicer.”

Results NZ Champs BOP 12´6″:
1st Paul Jackson (Fanatic) (NZ Champ)

2nd Armie Armstrong
3rd Baxter Shayne

Results Technical Race 14’0”:
2nd Troy Huston (Fanatic)
3rd Josh Nixon (Fanatic)

Results Long Distance 12´6″:
1st Marcus Hanson (Fanatic) (NZ Champ)
2nd Paul Jackson (Fanatic)

Results Technical Race 12’6”:
4th Stacey Smith (Fanatic)


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