María Andrés


La Barrosa, Spain
Wave, Slalom and a little bit of Freestyle
Board Setup
Ultra Grip Mosquito Edition




I am from Cádiz, in the South of Spain. I’ve been always by the sea, watching my brothers and dad windsurfing, surfing or diving. I’ve been windsurfing with them on their boards since I was a baby. And since I was 8, I started to do water sports. I liked all kinds, and did windsurfing in a high level competition since I was 14.
I’ve been competing pretty much in all windsurfing disciplines. From Olympic class to Waves, including, Formula and Slalom. I never competed in Freestyle, but I love it too. Every discipline makes you happy in a different way, but waveriding is my real passion. It is a combination of components in the nature between wind direction, swell direction and coast shape that works at some places in a way that we windsurfers, with a sail and a board, can enjoy it like anyone else! I find it not only the best ever, but something kind of magic!
I competed in 2014 in the Aloha Classic and I finished 6th, I was stoked as this is not my competing discipline, but to me, waves feel like are made to enjoy in freedom… If I can do the Aloha Classic in 2016, I will for sure do it! It is awesome to share this moments in big waves with all the girls ripping around!
Even though my passion is waveriding, I enjoy so much the Slalom Racing. All girls full speed fighting tight for the first position! It is a powerful and a real battle, and it make you get so much adrenaline! I am now putting more than ever all my power and energy in my 2016 slalom season!


172 cm


61 kg



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María Andrés

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5th PWA World Cup Wave Marocco


5th IFCA World Champ 2016


IFCA Vice World Champ 2015

7th PWA World Cup Ulsan 2015


4th Slalom PWA overall

4th Slalom PWA Worldcup Noumea

6th Wave PWA Maui Aloha Classic

5th PWA Turkmenistan, Slalom, 2014

3rdIFCA Worlds Açores, Slalom, 2014

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