FreeWave TeXtreme®


Lightweight. Stiff. Incredible. The TeXtreme. line is the most exclusive, high-performance construction in windsurfing. The Oxeonbuilt fabric allows for incredibly light PVC sandwich layups, with the added bonus of fully visible Carbon bottom graphics. The FreeWave TeXtreme. takes advantage of Innegra’s Resin absorption ability, weight reduction, stiffness, impact protection and UV-resistance, to create the strongest board possible in the lightest and stiffest board construction available today. Less resin, more strength, less weight; it doesn’t get better than TeXtreme.


1 Light finish and weight saving graphics 2 90° fibre layer
3 45° Biax Innegra Carbon layer 
4 Extra strong heel wood patch 
5 Biax Innegra Carbon heel force patch 6 High density PVC sandwich core 
7 Biax Innegra Carbon reinforcement
8 90° Glass reinforcement
9 Ultralight fibre layer
10 Super light EPS core

Grip TE , Stubby TE , FreeWave TE , Skate TE

45/45 degree Biax Innegra Carbon fibre, with an additional 90 degree fibre weave layer on top. This combination of precisely placed fibres caters for a perfect balance of flex and stiffness. Extra wide Carbon and Innegra fibres with a linear alignment for best strength and efficiency of each individual fibre. Our unique Biax Innegra Carbon Light Finish technology has proven to be the ultimate construction for our Wave and Freestyle boards. Fanatic took the initiative to take the next technical step by introducing this new and exclusive high-end fibre finish into all TE models, meeting the high demands of our World Cup Team.


P E R F O R M A N C E   F E A T U R E S

  • Absorbs force from impact extremely well due to 45 / 45 degree weave, and achieves maximum strength via an extra layer of fibres on top with a 90 degree weave

  • Added durability and 3 % stronger due to the woven fibre of the Carbon and Innegra

  • Perfectly balanced (50 / 50). Strong, forgiving and impact resistant Innegra combined with a durable Carbon weave


1 Light finish and weight saving graphics
2 90° fibre layer
3 45° Biax fibre layer 
4 Extra strong heel wood patch 
5 Biax Glass heel force patch
6 90° fibre reinforcement layer
7 High density PVC sandwich core 
8 Biax Glass reinforcement 
9 90° Glass reinforcement layer
10 Ultralight fibre layer
11 Biax Glass T-Stringer
12 Super light EPS core 

Grip XS, F reeWave, B l ast LTD, Gecko LTD, Gecko F o i l LTD, S t i n g ray LTD, Jag LTD, Falcon Lightwind

When combined with the sandwich construction, this high quality Full Biax Glass and full PVC specification provides an optimized weight / stiffness / flex ratio.


P E R F O R M A N C E   F E A T U R E S

  • Absorbs force from impact extremely well due to 45 / 45 degree weave, and achieves maximum strength via an extra layer of fibres on top with a 90 degree weave

  • Light and durable

  • Full PVC construction

  • Biax Glass T-Stringer for maximum stiffness

  • Light weight finish


1 Light finish and weight saving graphics
2 Ultralight fibre layer
3 Uni-Directional natural Flax fibre layer 4 Extra strong heel wood patch
5 Natural Cork Sandwich core
6 90° Glass reinforcement
7 Ultralight fibre layer
8 Super light EPS core

Gecko Eco

Built with Flax, Cork, Bamboo and Bio Resin instead of the classic Glass and PVC sandwich, our Eco technology uses sustainable plant based raw materials wherever possible, without compromising performance.

P E R F O R M A N C E   F E A T U R E S :

  • Natural Flax fibre composite offers a very good strength / weight / flex ratio and replaces the classic oil based Glass / Carbon composite layup

  • Cork sandwich is not only a natural source, but it also brings superior shock absorption properties and replaces the oil based PVC sandwich

  • Sicomin’s GreenPoxy. Bio Resin contains a higher degree of plant based elements than traditional resin. Bio Resin is used in all models throughout the Fanatic range

  • Bamboo is used across the entire base of the board for superior optics and a unique flex response


1 Light finish and weight saving graphics
2 Biax Carbon layer
3 Biax Carbon heel force patch 
4 High density PVC sandwich core (low density in nose)
5 Biax Carbon reinforcement 
6 Biax Carbon reinforcement layer
7 Ultralight fibre layer
8 Wood rail reinforcement patch
9 Biax Carbon rail patch
10 Super light EPS core

Falcon Slalom TE, Falcon Speed TE , Falcon Foil TE

This top quality and technologically advanced high-spec Biax Carbon, has a perfect weight / stiffness ratio as a result of its very fine weave and dynamic flex. Full Biax Carbon is used on the deck and bottom of the bigger Falcons and Falcon Formula for maximum stiffness and lightest weight possible. On the smaller 80 – 97 Falcons and on the Falcon Speed boards, it is used solely on the deck for better flex of the board in choppy conditions. When combined with the PVC sandwich technology and Glass reinforcements, the Biax / Carbon provides a balanced stiffness / flex / weight ratio.


1 HRS finish and weight saving graphics
2 Glass HRS layer
3 Heel Glass patch
4 Wood sandwich from tail to center
5 Glass reinforcement layer
6 Ultralight fibre layer
7 Glass rail reinforcement
8 Super light EPS core 

Blast HRS, Gecko HRS, Gecko Foil HRS, Stingray HRS, Viper, Ripper

High Resistance composite technology is a durable construction for everyday use. A thick, durable outer skin gives the hull maximum strength, as well as making it ding and impact resistant. Strategic use of fibre reinforcements ensure adequate stiffness. In combination with the user-friendly EVA deck, HRS can be seen on the standard Gecko, as well as the Viper / Ripper ranges.



1 Extra rail-band reinforcement
2 Second thin PVC rail layer
3 First PVC rail layer
4 Diamond grooving footpad
5 Light and printed Tarpaulin layer
6 First Tarpaulin layer
7 V-Drop Stitch core 

Viper Air Premium, Tandem Air

The Double Layer Light technology is our Premium construction. Featuring a second PVC layer, which is welded directly to the core layers and around the V-Drop Stitch material – the heart of each Fanatic Inflatable. An additional third layer of coloured rail bands round off the highly durable and premium quality, with stylish optics of the deck print. The benefits of the Double Layer Light construction when compared to the standard Double Layer technology is a 20 – 25 % reduction in weight, and around 25 – 30 % increase in stiffness. Simply the best inflatable technology out there!


1 First PVC rail layer
2 Second PVC rail layer
3 Diamond grooving footpad
4 Strong Tarpaulin layer
5 V-Drop Stitch core 

Viper Air Pure, Ripper Air WS Pure

Our single layer Drop-Stitch Light technology provides a lightweight and quality construction without reaching deep into your pockets. Still produced at one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers, this inflatable technology is created with top quality materials and production standards you’d expect from Fanatic.