With the celebration of our 40th anniversary, we caught up with some of our Fanatic legends: Meet Mr. Cheese Roll Cesare Cantagalli!


Cesare Cantagalli is undoubtedly an icon of the international windsurfing scene and indeed the most famous Italian athlete of this discipline. Cesare was with Fanatic back in the 80´s until the late 90´s. It´s about 30 years ago when he invented the "Killer Loop" and shocked the Hawaiian surf scene. This first ever front rotation loop in windsurfing went down in history as the famous "Cheese Roll" and made Cesare a legend. In those days wave riding consisted of Bottom Turn and Cutbacks, jumps were nothing more than Rocket Air. Today Cesare is the company owner and brand founder of Cesare Cantagalli I-99.


Some facts about Cesare:


Career/Relation to Fanatic: Former team rider back in the day's from mid 80's to mid 09's. Developed and designed the first Skate model - photoshooting organizer, management and directing.

With Fanatic when: 1985 until 1995

Windsurfing since: 1978

Highlights:  Italian champion Class Division2 + Windsurfer + Windglider 1983 & 1984;  4th PWA Wave Overall 1989/1990; Winner at Barbados/South Africa/Nijuma Marui-O´Neill and several PWA events podiums and wins between mid-80’s to early 90’s; 2nd at the PWA Wave Sylt 1987.

Inventor of new spectacular and acrobatic wave moves including the "Cheese Roll". Discovered and promoted by his Glob-O-Tour adventures some of the most radical and windiest remoted spots that have become today's most frequent travel destinations for windsurfing and kiteboarding.

Favourite board (back in the days when with Fanatic): The first Skate Freestyle board > designed, developed and signed by Cesare Cantagalli (first Fanatic board ever being signed on tail).

Favourite discipline: Wave

Besides windsurfing: I love all watersports related board-riding in general with a special preference to surfing, I like to cook and make people enjoy my Italian food. I like to develop ideas and designs for the next generation equipments to offer in my personal style brand Cesare Cantagalli I-99

Anything else? The Fanatic times represent a part of my evolution as an athlete and professional carrer. Even I have today taken my own path with my own brand Cesare Cantagalli I-99, I still preserve a strong connection with this brand and remarkable memories shared with all the people involved.


Enjoy watching the interview!