Behind The Brand


Our popular Jag LTD got some tuning for the new 2023 season!


It was mainly Jordy Vonk who was involved in the R&D together with our Product Manager Daniel Aeberli, that´s why we asked him about some background info.


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Interview with Jordy Vonk

Behind The Brand

Jordy, can you please take us through the highlights of the new Jag LTD range?

As before, the Jag LTD is very fast but at the same time it is super comfortable to ride! Brand new are the Finish Fins for improved racing performance. The recessed deck is keeping the rig connection low while boosting control, while the ergonomic rail shape makes sure you are having a comfortable stance. The Jag LTD can be combined with Cam or No Cam sails – your choice! The small cutouts on the tail are for control, easy gybing and planing. The approved Tuttle Box is built for strength and makes the board resilient for foil use.


Are the footstrap settings different to a real slalom board?

The Jag LTD now also has triple footstrap inserts so you can adjust your favorite stance settings. The footraps can be set-up in three different single screw inserts or two different  double screw insert positions for tighter or personal preferences. The inner footstrap position is best suited for less advanced riders and the outer footstrap position is more challenging to get the maximum performance from the board.  


Are all sizes new?

For 2023, we redeveloped all Jag sizes (except the 94l which was already new in 2022) and created a new size split matching our customers demand and market feedback. Furthermore, we have migrated our existing Falcon Lightwind into the Jag range and therefore offer a brand-new size of 158l. Except the 94l, all sizes are approved for foil use.


How come you cancelled the Falcon Lightwind model and integrated it into the Jag LTD?

The Falcon Lightwind is a 90cm board dedicated to go as fast as possible in minimum wind, however dedicated slalom riders usually stick to a 85cm wide board as in competition this is usually the maximum width. When we introduced the Falcon Lightwind earlier, we didn’t have a Jag in the range as freerace board. And since the Falcon Lightwind doesn’t get used in slalom competitions we figured out that this board fits better into the Jag LTD range.




Who was involved in the Jag LTD and where did you test it?

Fanatic´s Product Manager Daniel Aeberli and myself were mainly testing the Jag LTD at Lake Garda. With stronger morning winds in Malcesine and lighter afternoon winds in Torbole, we had the perfect conditions for all the different sizes we needed to test. In the end, our Brand Manager Craig Gertenbach also had a final test run to approve our work!


Did you also test boards from other brands?

We did have the opportunity to try several boards from other brands to see what the competitors are doing. Although it hasn’t changed anything for the testing afterwards as we are very pretty convinced about our shapes!


What´s the difference between a race and a freerace board like the Jag?

The main goal of the race board is to win races. For this you need to have a fast board but also something comfortable that helps you to focus on racing, and not on driving your board. A freerace board like the Jag is easier to sail. The goal of those boards is just to have fun racing with some friends! 


Who do you recommend to buy a Jag instead of a Falcon?

When you’re not doing competitions and you simply want to have fun with less effort, but still having the possibility to beat your friends on the water, the Jag is your best option!


Thxs a Jordy - super interesting!


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