5x Podium

Cold Hawaii PWA Youth Windsurf Wave World Cup

The NoerStick Cold Hawaii PWA Youth Windsurf Wave World Cup’s was a full success. Winds kept coming and going and the waves were  rolling ramps. With the next generation, exhausted with big salty smiles on their faces harvesting results. Everybody cheered each other on - real sportsmanship.


Well done to all our young riders there - 5x podium for Fanatic!

More info/full results: www.pwaworldtour.com

Results Girl’s:


1st: Maria Morales
2nd: Maria Behrens
3rd: Line Wittrup 

Boys U15:

1st: Arthur Van Den Brande
2nd: Leon Maethner 
3rd: Peter Gobisch

Boys’ U17: 

1st: Anton Richter
2nd: Tobias Bjørnå
3rd: Valters Videnieks