Fanatic Rider Calls

Insta LIVE

While everyone is stuck at home, we were thinking of some possibilities to keepin touch while delivering some valuable content via Social Media. 

Last week we asked you via Instagram and Facebook to send us some topics you always wanted to know about from our team - thxs everybody for all the input! On Saturday, April 4th we were kicking off our Rider Call series on @fanaticwindsurf Instagram LIVE where the answers are discussed. First up were our Wave R&D Manager Klaas Voget together with Victor Fernandez who is on Maui right now.  Next up today is our Product Manager Daniel Aeberli together with flying Dutchman Jordy Vonk! Make sure you tune in, if you can´t make it the features will run for another 24 hours after the call as well in our Insta Story.


Here´s the schedule for the upcoming calls:

MON - 06.04. – 5PM CET: Dani Aeberli & Jordy Vonk - Freerace/Slalom

THU - 09.04. – 5PM CET: Riccardo Marca & Adrien Bosson - Freestyle

MON - 13.04. 5PM CET: Craig Gertenbach & Daniel Aeberli - Freerace/Freeride

THU – 16.04. – 7PM CET (7AM Maui): Klaas, Marc Pare & Adam Lewis - Wave

SUN – 19.04. – 5PM CET: Marco Lang & Pierre Mortefon - Freerace/Slalom

THU – 23.04. – 5PM CET (11AM Venezuela): Klaas Voget & Gollito Estredo - Freestyle

SUN – 26.04. – 7PM CET: Arrianne Auckes & Maria Andres - Ladies Specific Topics

THU – 30.04. – 5PM CET: Daniel Aeberli & Vincent Langer - Foiling

SUN - 03.05. - 7PM CET: Daniel Arberli & Marco Lang - Fanatic X Duotone

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