Father & Son of Windsurfing

Erik & Jimmy Thieme

Erik Thiémé isn’t just a windsurfer, he is a monument of our sport!


Having dedicated his whole life to windsurfing, he has been a driving force in it’s evolution - from the indoors of Paris to the swells of Hookipa, Erik has always been full on. After 40 years, the gear, the competition, the people have changed, but his passion is still intact - the same smile and the same power on the water, he remains the child who used to sleep on the beach to wait for the next session. Erik is really proud now that he could transfer his passion to his charismatic son Jimmy. Jimmy started with a Fanatic board under his feet and is now ready to fight against the big names on the PWA World Tour!


Discover the true story of passion behind "Father & Son of Windsurfing"!


Clip by Horue Movie