Maria Behrens

Rookie of the Year 2020

Last weekend the Rookie of the Year Award was taking place at the boat show in Düsseldorf. Germany´s biggest talents were awarded by the boat show comitee and the chief editor of German surf magazine.

We are super stoked that our new young upcoming German talent Maria Behrens was nominated as best girl! Mats von Holten, who is using Fanatic boards as well, became best male rider


We caught up with Maria to find out more about this young talent!



You just were honoured as Rookie of the Year by German surf magazine – how does that feel and did you expect that?

When I received the news one month ago, I was pretty surprised that I am going to be be Rookie of the Year 2020. After that I was so excited that I immediately had to tell my parents. Since that moment I was looking forward to be at the boat show, I could not wait for that moment!

Since when do you windsurf and how did you start?

I started windsurfing at the age of 11 in Germany and Denmark. My parents always went on windsurf trips with me from when I was very little. One day I got bored to stay in the car and watch them so they bought me a board and started teaching me. I was in love with this amazing sport right away.

How do you combine school and windsurfing?

Because we live near the coast it is easy for us to go to windsurfing after school in summer when the days are long. Furthermore my school is a specific sports school and the principal and my class teacher are excited sportsmen so they support me wherever they can, which is best case!

What´s your favourite discipline?

Right now wave for sure,  but I am open for further disciplines!

What are your plans for the future – are you planning to do more competitions?

This year I am planning to compete in the PWA in Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Sylt. And I am planning to compete in the Danish Open and in the IFCA Euro Champs. 

Do you have any goals and personal mile stones?

My goals are spending a lot of time on the water with friends and improving my wave riding skills and jumps i.e. backloop: -)

Why Fanatic?

My first waveboard was a Fanatic FreeWave and since then I had no other brand because I felt super comfortable with it straight away. Now that I use the Grip XS every session is a fun session. I also like the team riders and the spirit of the brand.  At the PWA Youth World Cup in Almerimar I had the chance to meet some of my team mates and they are all amazing - happy to be part of them!

Thxs Maria - looking forward to seeing more of you in the future!



Maria Behrens - Rookie of the Year 2020