Fanatic Windsurfing

New for 2020


The 2020 Grip is our most versatile waveboard. The entire range has been completely re-shaped, resulting in the most manoeuvrable boards we have ever produced. We have added new 86, 92, and 102 sizes to complete the range.

  • Multiple fin options and a shape designed to work both as a quad and tri-fin, even in the biggest sizes
  • Feel smaller than they are when on the wave, particularly larger sizes
  • High top speed and excellent comfort in chop, thanks to the double concave / V bottom shape
  • Exclusive high-end Biax Innegra Carbon construction


The FreeWave Stubby outline has evolved, with a new  shape concept across the entire range. The nose and tail shape have been refined, which increases control and manoeuvrability, while the rocker is adjusted to increase planing power.

  • New tail shape and outline boosts manoeuvrability and control over previous FreeWave STB
  • Faster rocker line boosts planing power especially on the larger sizes
  • New 75 litre version to complete the range
  • Offered in three construction options:  Biax Fibre, Biax Innegra Carbon and TeXtreme®


The Stingray free foilboard was introduced in spring 2019. Designed to make foiling fun, easy and accessible to all. New for 2020, a 110 litre model completes the range for higher wind foiling.

  • 100 % foil optimized design
  • Boosted width and parallel rails for comfort and performance
  • Plenty of vee and scooped nose section for a smooth touch-down
  • Track Foil Mount and Tuttle Foil Box options for the use of different foils › Available as durable HRS or lightweight LTD version

GECKO 122 / 135 / 148

Three new sizes of our legendary freerideboard have been updated with a wider more parallel outline, to improve speed, acceleration and early planing.

FALCON TE 80 / 90 / 97

This year we complete our update of the range with all new 80, 90 and 97 litre models; concentrating on maximum control in rough water, and better acceleration coming out of gybes. The Falcon 80 is the ultimate high wind slalom machine, and also replaces the Falcon Speed 56 as a light wind speedboard.