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Freeride Range 2022

Our new 2022 Freeride boards Gecko LTD, Gecko Eco, Gecko Daggerboard, Blast, Blast LTD AND Jag LTD are now online!




The Blast is our performance freeride board with blistering acceleration, a stable platform and tons of speed and control in choppy conditions. For 2022, we have further refined the shape details like individual cut-out designs in the tail sections, plus pulled in nose and tail outlines for improved speed and acceleration. Available in two constructions.




The Gecko is our freeride board concept with the guarantee to improve, which makes it the ideal choice for the ambitious windsurfer. From the very first runs hooked into the harness, all the way to full planing power gybes, the Gecko is the perfect partner. Available in a selection of constructions and special editions, this board is made to grow with you!




Also check out the new GECKO-FOIL



Thoroughbred slalom boards impress with extreme top speeds. But they constantly require your full attention and strength. The Jag LTD is different. It is easily as fast as dedicated competition shapes but at the same time it is incredibly comfortable to ride.





Pics: John Carter & Toby Bromwich