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Fanatic Wave/Freestyle 2021

Boardriding since 1981 - 40 years of passion, innovation, iconic boards and unbeatable fun on the water!


Ultra Skate Boa Edition 2021:

Icon meets Icon! The legendary optics of Fanatics late 80’s Ultra Boa gives the final touch to the 2021 Ultra Skate – one of our 40YRS anniversary models. The record World Title winning Skate has shaped the past, present and future of modern freestyle.

Ultra Grip / Grip XS Mosquito Edition 2021:

The Ultra Grip Mosquito Edition celebrates Fanatics 40th anniversary with a blend of iconic graphics from our history combined with the most successful wave shape of today! The highly adaptable Grip enables you to ride your wave – your way, without compromise. The Grip XS is our dedicated performance waveboard for the future stars of our sport.



The brand-new Mamba takes the place of the Stubby in our line-up and shines with similar attributes in sloppy waves, but comes with improved performance for when the conditions turn on.


FreeWave 2021:

Our legendary FreeWave DNA, the FreeWave is the true chameleon – ready to adapt and excel in all conditions. From flatwater blasting to bump & jump to waves, the FreeWave is the one board that takes it all in its stride, and will boost your level across a bigger range of conditions than ever.


More info: https://www.fanatic.com/windsurf/boards