Pierre Mortefon joins the crew

Team Tridem strikes back!

With Pierre Mortefon on board Team Tridem is planning to break the Speed Record! Together with Raf Filippi, Regis Bouron (Raf & Regis are taking terms) and Matthieu Vinceneux they are for sure one of the best teams on the record hunt!

Given the cancellation of many PWA events this season, Pierre was able to seriously consider this project. At a secret spot in the South of France the team already already trained to titillate the 66 knots or more than 122 km/h on the water!


Hey Pierre, we heard you joined the Tridem Team – that´s quite crazy!

I am following the crew since quite few years already and we already spend lot of time together on the water. When Raf asked me to join, I was laughing. But after a test run I changed my mind as I could feel the power. Already the race at Defi was and  impressive performance and with the new board even more is possible. For sure it’s great for the team to have a World Champion on board but what I like the most about this project is the fact that we are a team! Windsurfing is normaly an individual sport and now we bring it to another level.

Who are your team mates?

There is 3 others guys in the team and we always have a spare rider in case of problems. Like this we are also able to sail more to make the most of it. Raf is famous, this crazy guy is really a big source of motivation and he’s crazy enough to stay on the front seat! He’s a great waterman and he was organizing lot about this project. Regis is also a great sailor, and a super good waverider. He has great skills wich help him to use almost all the different place in the board. Last one is Mathieu, he’s more like me - a racing guy. I think I will be right in front of him for the record, he is one of the fastest guys in South of France and he’s also able to check the medical aspect of our project. Then we have a team following us for all the different technical aspects.

How does training work – do you have a plan/routine? How often do you meet?

Last year it was not easy as I was chasing the world title and I was really focussed on this goal. This year I was following the project more closely. From the moment I was in the team I decided to push the guys in terms of training. During the lockdown  I forced them and especially Mathieu to follow the same gym program than me. Back on the water we had several sessions, but we also try so sail alone for different reasons. Keep our improvements secret but also avoiding to crash with other sailors because I can tell you when we go fast it’s hard to stop ;). 

The pressure is on -  do you think you guys can manage to break the record?

There is no pressure because we are pretty well organise on all the different aspect of the project. I think I will certainly have some pressure on the right day because I will be the pilot of this machine and I will have the responsibility of the team …

Anything to add?

Stay tuned for more - this project is next level and  I really believe we gonna push the limits! 

Pics: Manuel Morel