We are happy to have two new International slalom riders in our team for 2023: Our IFCA World Champ 2022 Jenna-Gibson  from the UK and Ennio Dal Pont (half Dutch & half Italian). Welcome to both!

Jenna Gibson is in our Fanatic UK team since 2016 already where she is also helping to support the local community, and so far reached following titles:

- 3x IFCA World Champion

- U21 PWA World Champion

- IFCA European Champion

- 1st place Foil & Fin PWA Croatia

- National titles in Fin & Foil


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Last year Ennio finished the PWA Tour with the 32nd place, but also only had the chance to show his skills at the tour stop on Sylt. He had his PWA debut at the Costa Brava 2018 event in Catalonia.

Due to his dual citizenship, the 25-year-old, who grew up in Holland and also set many national records there, now starts with an Italian sailing number.


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