{"items":[{"uid":19,"title":"Fanatic Gecko & Blast 2020","short":"When it comes to classic freeriding, we have all your bases covered with our legendary Gecko, and our cutting edge Blast. The Gecko is the pure definition of freeride: 100% accessible fun, no matter what level of progression you are at. The Blast is the performance freerider\u00b4s dream!","description":"","video":"https:\/\/\/embed\/hH32dDUhfNc","image":""},{"uid":20,"title":"Fanatic Stingray, Gecko Foil & Falcon Foil 2020","short":"The Stingray is our dedicated free-foil board with the widest range of use. Our other dedicated board: the Falcon Foil, reflects the pin end of current racing design. The Gecko Foil 135 is the best option for first time foiling combined with classic freeriding ease of use.","description":"","video":"https:\/\/\/embed\/CqvFwddSci8","image":""},{"uid":21,"title":"Fanatic Viper & Ripper 2020","short":"Nothing is more satisfying than helping more people enjoy our sport. We pride ourselves on making products that make windsurfing easier, and there is no better - or more fun way to get hooked on windsurfing - than with one of our Viper or Ripper boards.","description":"","video":"https:\/\/\/embed\/s0yMPRqRDVM","image":""},{"uid":22,"title":"Fanatic Highlights Wave & Freestyle Range 2019","short":"Team Fanatic shows off with some crazy freestyle action and awesome wave moves! Check out our highlight action clip showcasing the new 2019 Wave\/Freestyleboards in action during our photoshoot on Maui last spring!","description":"","video":"https:\/\/\/embed\/Ijqd-7CiNV0","image":""},{"uid":23,"title":"Fanatic Highlights Freeride & Freerace Range 2019","short":"Our Team having loads of fun on the new Fanatic Freeride and Freerace toys, as well as their tools to win races! Check out our highlight action clip showcasing the new 2019 Freeride & Freerace boards in action during our photoshoot on Maui last spring!","description":"","video":"https:\/\/\/embed\/LlhkL5ogwI0","image":""},{"uid":24,"title":"FIRST IN LAST OUT \u2013 Fanatic Highlights Wave & Freestyle Range 2018","short":"Watch our team ripping their new 2018 Wave & Freestyle toys on Maui this spring. First in the water, de-rigging in the dark. Making use of every wave and every breeze from dusk till dawn. We love to share our addiction with you and hope you feel the same way we do after watching this: Let\u2019s go hit the water!","description":"","video":"https:\/\/\/embed\/CsVAYSina6g","image":""}],"next":"\/windsurf\/our-world\/videos\/videos?offset=12&tx_videooverview_videooverview%5Baction%5D=json&cHash=10060a610c69a61be35ba8bff8f51b42&type=222","count":13}