Falcon Foil BXF 2022


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Our dedicated performance foil board, the Falcon Foil TE is designed not only to get you up and foiling in the lightest winds, but also to give you maximum control of a high-powered foil around a racecourse.

For 2022, we have developed two new models for high-end foil slalom: The 177l for free foil slalom, women and lighter riders and the 188l, our flagship PWA World Cup edition. Both models are 100% dedicated foil slalom racing machines.

The 199l model is specifically designed to win foil course racing.

The wide tail and parallel rails give a very balanced stance out on the rail, which is crucial for control when foiling at top speed – whether you are hiking upwind or reaching.

The shape has an optimized stance for use with large race sails, so that you can effectively drive the foil hard to gain every ounce of performance, while the nose has bevelled rails and vee to absorb those occasional touchdowns without slowing you down.
100% Foiling
100% optimised for competitions with foil race sails to gain every ounce of performance and control around the race course
New Airflow Concept
Through our CAD design process we implemented the latest CFD Computer aerodynamic analyzation for optimized airflow resulting in less drag and higher top-speed.
New cut outs
Specialized extended tail cut-out design for best racing performance and effortless acceleration after touchdown
Recessed mastfoot
Recessed mastfoot area, keeps the rig connection low and boosts control
Forgiving optimized scoop rocker line, plenty of V in the nose section and the specialized extended tail cut-outs make tacking and gybing more forgiving
New Footstrap Options
New double footstrap inserts for maximum load and adjustable stance settings. The 177 BXF version can be set-up in three different single screw inserts, or two different double screw insert positions for tighter or personal preferences. The inner foot strap position is best suited for less advanced riders.
Premium Footstrap
Comfortable and easy to adjust Fanatic Premium Footstraps
Grippy and shock absorbing dual density diamond grooving footpads
Rec. Sailsize
Best Size
Falcon Foil TE 177
177 l
81 cm
222 cm
Foil Tuttle Box / No Fin
Up to 10.0 m²


178 C


Violet C


3125 C