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Item-no. 13200-1733
The Diamond Air is our stylish feminine all-around inflatable SUP - elegant and timeless in design, manufactured in our Drop Stitch Light construction. Together with the Diamond Carbon 35 paddle the perfect combo!
Included in the package: Diamond paddle 3-piece, HP2 Power Pump, click fin, Premium Backpack with wheels and leash.
All-round outline
All-round outline - great for beginners and advanced riders, from flatwater to small waves
carrying handle
Soft and comfortable carrying handle
deck net
Integrated deck net to attach luggage
Diamond grooving footpad for the ultimate grip and comfort
quality printing
Full deck/base quality printing and rail design for superior optics
tool-free Fin
Removable tool-free Fin
towing eyelets
High quality towing eyelets
Paddle Technology / UNION JOINT SYSTEM
In the past, all paddle flex patterns were made up of two parts: the blade, and the shaft. An oversized stiff joint disrupted these two flexible parts, where paddle and shaft were connected. The Fanatic Union System paddle has revolutionised the unified flex pattern. It now runs seamlessly from the tip of the blade all the way to the shaft. By moving the connection joint further up the shaft, it tapers perfectly into a RDM joint, resulting in constant flex for an unmatched spring and response with every stroke. From the moment the blade enters the water your energy is converted into forward drive. The Union paddle is available in four construction styles for a straightforward selection of paddles to match your performance and budget.
Paddle Technology / ANTI TWIST SYSTEM
Our new Anti Twist System, with its channel on the extension and a matching cleat system, puts an end to using additional forces whilst locking your adjustable system. It ensures that the handle and blade are always lined up correctly. Paddle with confidence – your shaft and handle won’t move! Our adjustable models are now all equipped with Anti Twist System.
Package Diamond Air - C51:berry
Allround / Entry
Fun / Family
Surf / Whitewater
Glide / Explore
Race / Fit / Yoga
Budget Friendly
Rec. User Weight
Mastfoot Insert
Best Size
Diamond Air 9'8"
213 l
32" / 81.3 cm
9'8'' / 294.6 cm
4.5" / 11.5 cm
8.15 kg
1 x US Box / 1 x Fly 19.5 cm
45 - 90 kg
Best Size
Diamond Air 10'4"
284 l
33" / 83.8 cm
10'4'' / 315 cm
5.5" / 14 cm
8.65 kg
1 x US Box / 1 x Fly 19.5 cm
65 - 95 kg