Fanatic Ray Air Premium

The Ray Air Premium is our premium inflatable touring SUP that has sleek lines and immense glide, making it the ideal partner for exploring miles of coastline, lakes, channels or rivers. It is fast, very easy to paddle and to maintain your balance, even if you’re a first timer. Extra volume and stability keeps you and your luggage up and dry. The Ray Air Premium comes in our Double Layer Light Technology - our Premium Inflatable Construction produced at one of the worlds most renowned manufacturers. It featues a second PVC layer, which is welded directly to the core layers and around the V-Drop Stitch material – the heart of each Fanatic Premium Inflatable SUP. An additional third layer of coloured rail bands round off the highly durable and premium quality, with stylish optics of the deck print. Our Ray Air Premium is a cruiser with effortless glide, ideal for touring, exploring and discovering new territories with an incredible stiffness to weight ratio. It’s generous volume and maximised waterline combine stability and straight-line performance, while the optimised thickness offers great rigidity for effortless paddling. The Ray Air Premium delivers the ultimate touring experience – from beginner to experienced paddler.