Namaste on Water

Water is the driving force of all nature and nowhere is this more apparent than on a SUP. Nothing quite beats filling your lungs with the fresh air and taking a moment to really look around, relishing in the health and wellbeing powers that we can take from our surroundings. It’s invigorating, revitalizing and absolutely within your reach.


Over the past seasons, we’ve worked to create the most thought out, innovative and functional SUP Fit range ready for all your fitness needs; after all, who needs a gym when you can take your practice passion onto the water? Urbanites will revel in the inflatable, easy-to-transport Fly Air Fit. Instructors can lead a class from our Inflatable platform, perfect for attaching your groups and providing a stable and secure docking spot. We’ve thought about every possible design feature to keep your gear safe and mind at ease so you can focus at the task in hand. From stretching to strengthening, fitness on water is the quickest way to improve your overall condition and above all it is a lot of fun.


One form of movement that's really comes into its own on a SUP is Yoga. A favorite amongst elite athletes and mere mortals, it collects the mind, body and soul, injecting them with a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that keeps us coming back for more.


SUP Yoga

Namaste on Water

Julia Hofgartner teaches yoga and SUP yoga classes in Vienna. She loves the water and being outside in the nature.

"My first SUP Yoga lesson ever was in Gili Trawangan - Indonesia. I had never heard about SUP Yoga and it was all-new to me. I fell in love with it from the get-go and that's why I will never forget that experience. I’m a huge fan of the Fanatic Fly Air Fit and Platform. It’s very important that you have a place where you can fix the boards, giving me the possibility to lead the class where everyone has a clear view. SUP Yoga is for everyone. People who are new to yoga can start with an easy lesson. People who already have a lot of experience with yoga can take it to a new level. It allows for more challenging postures and really tests your balance!”


by Julia Hofgartner

5 Reasons for trying SUP Yoga

1. You are forced to be present
Getting lost in your thoughts isn’t possible in a SUP yoga session. You are going to be present and completely in the moment, because you don’t want to fall off your board. You definitely will have to be way more focused than during a normal yoga class.

2. You move in the fresh air and nature
One of my favorite reasons. Surrounded by the nature and a beautiful scenery yoga is a lot more fun. You never know what’s expecting you. You may spot animals during your yoga lesson next to you, wind and waves surprise you or you find yourself right in the middle of a fantastic sunset. Every lesson is different and it´s always a new adventure.

3. Your balance will improve
This reason surprises you? Maybe on your first yoga lesson on a SUP board it feels like you are completely unbalanced and you are only fighting with the gravity. But actually your balance will strongly improve after every session. Try a few balance positions on land afterwards and you’ll notice a major improvement!

4. Water is calming
Certainly you have been on the sea or lake once, looked on the water and felt how you got more and more relaxed. Water has a calming effect, which also affects you while doing SUP yoga.Maybe you don’t feel this during your lesson, but once you swing on some little waves during Savasana with the waves, you will notice.

5. Your core muscles get activated
Because of the steady attempt of your body to keep the balance your muscles are getting activated. You will have muscle aches the next day from positions which are normally no problem for you. So SUP yoga is a great training, especially for your core muscles.



Please make sure you familiarize yourself with your government’s rules and local restrictions and practice good hygiene with your equipment. These are extraordinary times. Be kind, look out for each other and show compassion. Namaste!


Special Thxs to our SUP Yoginis:

Julia Hofgartner 

Danique van Osterhout

Gina Weber & Theresa Brackmann

Daniela Heiß (free Yoga Teacher and radio speaker at Energy Munich)

Lucia Liencres

More info on our Fly Air Fit Range: