New Diamond Air Pocket Editions

Light, bright and compact

Our popular Diamond Air and Diamond Air Touring models are also available in an even lighter Pocket Air construction, which packs to half the size with even more style in a trendy lavender! You'll notice the significantly lighter handling with increased fun factor in every moment, starting with transportation and assembling all the way onto the water.


Ultra light, sportive, mega stylish and compact: The new pocket version is based on the same sleek and fast outline as the Diamond Air Touring but with a new Micro construction that allows to reduce the travel pack to half the previous size without compromising the durability.


Paulina Herpel, professional SUP rider:


For me, the new Diamond Air Pocket Touring means pure freedom, due to its small bag you can take it everywhere! I can easily throw it in the train when I visit my boyfriend Valentin in Munich and we go paddling to the Bavarian lakes, or by bike when I go paddling on the river here in the city of Hamburg. Even in small waves on the Baltic Sea, it's super fun. And the colour looks even better on the water than on land - I just love its sparkling style on the turquoise waters!”

Janina Zeitler, professional Surfer:


“Normally my sport is Surfing and Rapid Surfing. But in the meantime I am also a big fan of Stand Up Paddling. Especially when I am at home in Germany, I love to explore the mountain lakes and rivers around Munich. The new Diamond Air Pockets have a very appealing look and I love the small and handy bag, which make  transport super easy and most comfortable."

Manuela Jungo, professional Kitesurfer:


"The Diamond Air always was my perfect companion for windless moments and I always take it with me on my kite trips for windless days. The new Diamond Air Pocket is definitely another evolution and even better for my purposes. Travelling with a little toddler, kite and windsurf gear is not always the easiest, so the small compact bag and light weight is definitely a big advantage here. I recently had it with me on Maui to cruise around and explore new beaches or enjoy the sunset. At my home country Switzerland we do have a lot of mountain lakes which are perfect for touring and exploring, will definitely have to get the Diamond Air Touring Pocket as well for that!"

Caja Schöpf, former freestyle ski pro und sport psychologist:


"I love the mountains and spend as much time as possible outdoors. Last summer, I discovered Stand Up Paddling as one of my new passions. It´s definitely a nice balance to hiking and biking. I prefer to paddle on quiet mountain lakes, far away from the crowds. However it´s not always easy to carry all your gear up there. The new Diamond Air Pocket boards are much lighter and the bag is super compact, even the paddle, pump and some extras like my Bialetti coffe maker fit in. That´s definitely a big advantage and makes small adventures easy. And last but not least - I really like the look!“




Diamond Air Pocket

Diamond Air Touring Pocket

Pics: Sebastian Schöffel, Toby Bromwich