Fanatic SUP Paddles Overview

Paddle Range 2023 / 2024

Our paddle range is designed for everyone: From beginner to pro rider, for all genders and ages. We’ve named our paddles according to the Carbon content for the logical choices regarding stiffness, performance, and price - making it easy for you to find your perfect paddle. Our performance and entry performance paddle range consists of the Carbon Pro 100, the Carbon 80, our beautiful looking Bamboo Carbon 50 and our bestselling entry performance paddles the Carbon 35 and Diamond Carbon 35. A highlight of ourpaddle range are the completely redesigned blades for a super controlled stroke with better traction and a higher efficiency and the newly developed slim paddle shafts of only 26mm diameter. This leads to a significantly improved handling while keeping the same stiffness when paddling. Our unique Anti Twist System on all adjustable paddles ensures that handle and blade are always lined up correctly and never twist. Grab one of our Fanatic paddles and be sure to paddle with power, control, and total comfort!